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Allergy Testing & Treatments

Symptoms can be seasonal or non-seasonal depending on what specific allergens are bothering your cat or dog. Inflammation or itching of the ears and foot licking are the most common types of itching seen; repeated ear and skin infection are common.  In cats, allergies offten present as upper respiratiory issues.  Diagnosis is made based on the pattern of itching and eliminating all other causes of itching (bacteria and yeast infections, food allergy, flea allergy and other parasitic infections such as lice and mites). Unfortunately, there is no cure for environmental allergies and therapy for this disease is life-long. However, symptoms are highly manageable. Milder cases are often controlled with antihistamines and topical therapy alone. In more severe cases, your veterinarian or veterinary dermatologist may recommend allergy testing (skin or blood testing) which can be used to identify specific allergens to which your pet is reacting. Allergy injections given over time can then help reduce your pets sensitivity to these allergens.  Because this type of therapy can require 6-12 months for benefits to be seen it is often combined with other anti-itch therapies (oral medication, topical shampoos, rinses and sprays) to help keep your pooch happy and comfortable.

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