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Emergency & Critical Care

Emergencies, accidents, and illnesses are unfortunate facts of life, but how many of us plan for the unthinkable before it happens? What would you do if your pet were suddenly sick or injured? We understand how upsetting it is when your pet is sick or injured. We also know that when your pet is hospitalized and needs critical care services, you want the very best level of care possible. Should you need after hours emergency care for your pet, we offer 24 hour call service through Guardian Vets. If you have an emergency or question after hours call our office and you will have access to care by Guardian Vets at NO CHARGE! If you call for a non-emergency issue, we will follow up with you on our next business day! If the issue requires immediate attention, you will be referred to the nearest 24-hour ER hospital. These facilities are always open 24 hours and have staff! 

Please visit for key details regarding after hour services.